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Research Papers, SIs, and Editorials /font>

Here is a very special Special Issue of Management Science. Submissions due March 2019:

Kay Giesecke, Gui Liberali, Hamid Nazerzadeh, J. George Shanthikumar, Chung Piaw Teo (2018) Call for Papers - Management Science - Special Issue on Data-Driven Prescriptive Analytics. Management Science 64(6):2972-2972. https://doi.org/10.1287/mnsc.2018.3120

"Introduction to the IJRM Special Issue on Marketing and Innovation", with Eitan Muller, Roland Rust and Stefan Stremersch (2015). International Journal of Research in Marketing. Download

"Website Morphing 2.0: Switching Costs, Partial Exposure, Random Exit, and When to Morph", with John Hauser, Glen Urban (2014). Management Science. Download paper, code, data, demonstrations.

"Morphing Banner Advertising", with John Hauser, Glen Urban, Robert Bordley, Erin Mac Donald (2014). Marketing Science. Download paper

"Competitive Information, Trust, Brand Consideration and Sales: Two Field Experiments ", with John Hauser, Glen Urban (2013). International Journal of Research in Marketing. Download paper, appendices.

Lead article.

Finalist, Best 2013 IJRM paper award

Featured at MSI selections.

"Product Line Design Optimization" (2011). International Journal of Research in Marketing. Download .

Invited Commentary.

"Effects of Sensitization and Habituation in Durable Goods Markets", with Thomas Gruca and Walter Nique (2011). European Journal of Operational Research. Download paper,

"Website Morphing", with John Hauser, Glen Urban and Michael Braun (2009). Marketing Science. Download paper

Lead article with commentaries.

Finalist, John D. C. Little Award for Best Article published in Marketing Science and Management Science, 2009.

"Rejoinder and Response to Comments on Website Morphing" , with John Hauser, Glen Urban, and Michael Braun(2009). Marketing Science.

Response to comments by Hal Varian, Andrew Gelman, John Gittins

"Morphing the Web - Building Empathy, Trust, and Sales" , with Glen Urban, John Hauser, Michael Braun and Fareena Sultan (2009). MIT Sloan Management Review. Download paper

Recent Grants, Awards, and Honors /font>

Finalist, ISMS Long-Term Award, 2018 and 2017, Marketing Science

One of the Top 7% Reviewers of Marketing Science in 2014, Fastest Turnaround (>2 reviews), INFORMS, 2015

Top Talent Researcher, Erasmus School of Economics, 2013 (10,000 Euro award)

High-Performance Researcher of ERIM (Erasmus Research Institute of Management) in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

ERIM Research Grant for research on product category modeling (in 2011)

Marie Curie grant for research on optimization models for IPTV (European Union; 185,000 Euro in 2010)

2010 Finalist, John D.C. Little Best Paper Award, Marketing Science/Management Science

2009 Emerald Group Citation of Excellence, top 50 of 15,000 papers in management journals.

Invited Talks - in reverse chronological order /font>

Marketing seminars
Stanford, IDC/Israel, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Groeningen, INSEAD, MIT, Australian National University, Eindhoven University, UFRGS/Brazil, FGV/Brazil, University of Iowa

Seminars at non-marketing departments and non-business schools
INSEAD (Decision Sciences), University of Amsterdam (Data Science and Operations), Carlos III/Madrid (Business Economics), Erasmus School of Economics

Marketing Camps and Retirement Symposiums
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (research camp), Tilburg University (research camp), MIT (Glen Urban Retirement Symposium)

Industry and Government
Trivago (Berlin), Conversion Hotel 2016, eBay Group Netherlands, Booking.com (Amsterdam), European Automotive Summit on Digital Personalization, Digital Data Tips Tuesday Meetup (Amsterdam), Dutch Marketing Online Association

Academic/Editorial Service, Conference Organizing /font>

Vice-President for Membership at INFORMS Society of Marketing Science (ISMS), elected for the 2018/2019 term

Co-Chair of the Workshop on Multi-Armed Bandits and Learning Algorithms (May 2018)

ERIM Fellow, as of January 2018

Founder of the Erasmus Center for Optimization for Digital Experiments(eCode) at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

Co-Editor of a Special Issue of IJRM - International Journal of Research in Marketing, on Marketing and Innovation.

Ad-Hoc reviewer for Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Research and Management Science

Member of the Editorial Review Board (ERB) for IJRM - International Journal of Research in Marketing

Co-Chair of the first joint EMAC-AMA conference (Erasmus University, in 2014).

Scientific Committee of the 2013 Workshop on Distance Geometry and Applications

Co-Founder of Erasmus Center for Marketing and Innovation (ECMI, in 2010)

Coordinator of the Marketing Seminar Series at Erasmus University from 2010 to 2012. These are joint seminars between the marketing departments at the School of Economics and the School of Management.

Teaching - Courses on Optimization of Online Experiments /font>

Learning from Big Data. This is a hands-on undergraduate course on online experiments and website morphing. Bachelor students learn how to design, run, and analyze their own multi-armed bandit experiments using morphing-based algorithms.

Online Experimentation. This is a two-day course tailored to (1) seasoned professionals with a technical background that are increasingly taking over managerial responsibilities and handling internet project teams and (2) professionals who come from a non-tech background and want to have a better understanding of the ins and outs of optimal digital experimentation as they take over and manage such teams

Code, Data, User Guides, and Demonstrations /font>

Website Morphing 2.0: Switching Costs, Partial Exposure, Random Exit, and When to Morph /font>

Data and Supplemental Results

Site-Evaluation Suruga Data

Empirical Comparison of Outcomes in Suruga

Data from Suruga Bank (Figure 6, §6)

Outcomes data in Suruga


Japanese with English Translations of Suruga Bank Questionnaires (section 6) - Calibration Study

Japanese with English Translations of Suruga Bank Questionnaires (section 6) - Experiment

Demonstrations and User Guide

Demonstration that Fractional Updating will likely Converge from Below (Appendix 2)

User Guide to Implementation of Morphing, Including When to Morph

Code and Pseudo-Code

A3.1 Pseudo-code for Synthetic Data Analyses

R code for Synthetic Data Analyses - HULB Algorithm

R code for Synthetic Data Analyses - WTM Algorithm

WTM R Code for Suruga Bank Application (§6)

Keeping Life in Perspective: Non-Academic Activities /font>

10k-running in Kralingsen Plas. Eventually will run a full marathon.

Indoor soccer

Visiting new countries and trying new things, e.g., getting too close for comfort withsharks and stingrays in Australia, hot-airballooning

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